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Horny Tina Fey puts her dildo to work

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Tina Fey can be very funny in front of the camera, what with her history with Saturday Night Live, writing the script for the highly lauded chick flick Mean Girls, and starring in the recent comedy Date Night with Steve Carell. But apart from tickling our funny bones with her observant humor, Tina Fey also has a knack at tickling us somewhere in the pants area when she gets down to doing what she loves second best to acting: taking a dildo and jacking the shit off her pussy.

Who knew Tina Fey, who’d never be sighted anywhere near a scandal, could be such a horny celebrity slut when faced with at least 30 minutes alone with a phallic object? Tina Fey can be such a flexible professional with her job, but even more flexible with her pussy’s capacity to take thick and long dildos being plunged in and out of her itching cunt. These naked pictures of Tina Fey doing some alone time with her dildos ought to make you see just how horny and talented our prize comedienne can be.