Tina Fey’s Nipples Showing Through Her Top

Now this is one pictorial that Tina Fey probably didn’t expect to turn into something so erotic.  There she is, smiling for the cameras in her jeans and long-sleeved white top, and she’s totally oblivious that when the camera flashes, her titties can be seen through the thin fabric of her shirt.  Well, that’s good luck for us, because any image showing Tina Fey’s carnal assets is something to rejoice over.  And wank off to also, of course.  Also, seeing her nipples like that, without her being naked, is also a big turn on.  There’s a kinkiness in making Tina Fey’s breasts visible underneath her normal clothes, like it’s something you could catch on TV one day by accident.

An “Oops” moment like this is usually reserved for younger, hotter paparazzi prey, so for Tina Fey to accidentally get the same treatment is a blessing for your boner.  And so as not to waste that hard-on, check her out on this site for even more erotic images of our fave SNL slut!

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