Tina Fey Flashes Her Boobies

I guess after having her nipples show through her shirt, Tina Fey’s left her inhibitions behind and she’s finally embraced her sexual side by celebrating that feeling of freedom through showing off her titties.  And what fine titties they are, too.  She’s done a good job so far of keeping those puppies under wraps, because they never seemed that perky before.  Or maybe her newfound carnal freedom also means embracing some surgical enhancements?  That doesn’t sound like something a brainy babe like Tina would do, but if she’s used to playing many roles on TV, why can’t she play the role of a lusty hottie in real life?

Whether those are natural or enhanced anyway, we’ll still be drooling over the chance to stare at her rack, uncovered and free as the wind.  Betcha she never thought she’d be doing something as wild as this, even during her free-wheeling days in improv school with the Second City troupe.  This kind of improvisation is different from any she’s done on stage before, and her audience isn’t laughing for this one, they’re panting hard as they get ready to bust a nut for herTina Fey nude should be the next thing a horndog fan should check out, and clicking on that link back there is the right place to see something like that!

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