Tina Fey gives head and gets sprayed

November 9th, 2016 by J

We’ve enjoyed Tina Fey as a sexy yet comical chick on TV but she also has another side to her that will make you love her more and it’s got nothing to do with your sense of humor. This leaked video is actually something that will tickle not your funny bones but probably make a particular bone in your body hard and very much alive. Fey unleashed her skill in giving a hot blowjob on cam and all her fans and even a bit of bashers are going wild right now.

Naughty Tina Fey enjoys sucking on a thick cock and getting sprayed on the face

Nobody is laughing but everyone watching this clip are enjoying the kinky show that is Fey having the time of her life sucking on a thick dick and getting facialed while down on her knees. If a woman like her can both make you laugh and please in a seductive and naughty way, you have to keep her. Tina Fey has proven to be more than just the usual funny gal who might just always have nothing serious to give but she sure is one seriously skilled in giving head and making her man cum loads alright.

Tina Fey takes it rough in the ass

June 21st, 2016 by J

It’s those typical moments in Tina Fey’s life that you need to be prepared for when she asks if she could blow your dick. Because it always ends up with an extended fuck session that includes rough anal banging and messy cum facials.

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Tina Fey Shows Her Pussy

September 14th, 2010 by LimaBean
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We’ve got a treat for you guys. Today’s post features Tina Fey in some hardcore pictures spreading her legs and showing us her yummy pussy! That’s right; fully naked images of Tina Fey exposing her snatch in front of the camera are presented just for you in this hot gallery of naked Tina Fey pictures.

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You didn’t realize that this 30 Rock resident babe can be this kinky, huh? But this post is the proof guys! Go on and check out the pussy pics we have of this hot and talented comedienne and enjoy looking at her pink.

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Horny Tina Fey puts her dildo to work

April 21st, 2010 by LimaBean

Tina Fey can be very funny in front of the camera, what with her history with Saturday Night Live, writing the script for the highly lauded chick flick Mean Girls, and starring in the recent comedy Date Night with Steve Carell. But apart from tickling our funny bones with her observant humor, Tina Fey also has a knack at tickling us somewhere in the pants area when she gets down to doing what she loves second best to acting: taking a dildo and jacking the shit off her pussy.

Who knew Tina Fey, who’d never be sighted anywhere near a scandal, could be such a horny celebrity slut when faced with at least 30 minutes alone with a phallic object? Tina Fey can be such a flexible professional with her job, but even more flexible with her pussy’s capacity to take thick and long dildos being plunged in and out of her itching cunt. These naked pictures of Tina Fey doing some alone time with her dildos ought to make you see just how horny and talented our prize comedienne can be.

Tina Fey and her sexy pussy pictures

June 28th, 2009 by LimaBean

Tina Fey is no stranger in the TV industry and she has certainly come a long way from being a writer for Saturday Night Live for seven years until she ventured into other endeavors like becoming a part-time actress/comedienne and wrote scripts for such big shows like Mean Girls and the sitcom 30 Rock. If you think that this bundle of talent is all that wholesome and funny on TV, think again! You might be surprised to learn that Tina has this naughty side to herself and someone had to spill out the beans and expose to the world these private pictures where Tina Fey is all butt naked and spreading that hot cunt in various seductive poses… and we got ’em all in our possession!

Just Imagine all of the hottest pussy pictures of Tina you’ve ever wanted and fantasized about is now a mouse-click away and you can just whip out that aching cock of yours and jerk to her sizzling photos of that delectable pussy couple with shots of her nice tits and sexy ass to keep you wanting and cumming for more! So have a blast with more sleazy stuff by visiting Tina Fey Nude today and enjoy what we’ve got in store for you!

A Tina Fey Lesbian SNL Romp

October 28th, 2008 by LimaBean

Now Tina Fey’s happily married, to a musical composer on SNL, who’s now working on “30 Rock” too.  They met back during Tina’s Second City days, and they’ve been together since.  They also have a child, and I don’t think that Tina Fey’s the type to cheat on her marriage, while her hubby probably won’t find anyone as hot as her.  So is there no chance for some hardcore Tina Fey pics out there?  Well, there’s one thing she can try that I’m sure her husband won’t object to, and that’s have a hot lesbian session!  She placed 7th on lesbian website AfterEllen.com’s Hot 100 list for 2007, so she does have that sort of appeal.  And I guess that’s why we now have this hot photo showing Tina Fey nude with another sexy SNL cast member, the lusty Maya Rudolph!  Now this is a fantasy come true for fans of that show and the women there who’re both hot and talented.  The possibilities for some kinky roleplaying are endless with these two, and my erection wishes we could have more of those pics!

Well, might as well check out this site to see if they have any more Tina Fey muff-diving action in their pages.  They’ve got lots of other hot celeb lesbian porn, so there’s always a chance they’ll have more Tina Fey over there!

Who’s Hotter In Bed, Tina Fey or Sarah Palin?

October 28th, 2008 by LimaBean

Just check out these two MILFy fantasy babes who’s destinies have been linked these past few weeks.  Kinda hard to decide which luscious and experienced slut you’d love to take to bed, isn’t it?  Well, after much agonizing, I have to say that it’s still Tina Fey that I’d pick over the busty cougar who could be the next Vice-Prez of the United States of America.  I mean sure, Sarah Palin’s got a hot bod under those expensive executive pantsuits of hers, with big, juicy melons that you could nibble on for hours, but Fey’s boobies are nice too, though not as big.

Palin could solve world hunger with those juggs, but being a Republican, she won’t waste her time on something like that, so I’d rather have Tina Fey’s sweet snatch on my face, than Palin’s moose knuckle pussy!  I mean just look at Tina Fey here, showing off her snatch to some lucky dude.  Well, we’re just as lucky now, with that pic out in the open like that.  Damn, I’d love to see more of raunchy Tina Fey pics like that, and I know just where I can get some.  Click on that link back there if you want some of that too.  Oh yeah, one more thing that makes Tina Fey way hotter — you can ask her to impersonate Sarah Palin in bed for you, but Palin can’t do the same if you ask her to do a Tina Fey!

Tina Fey Flashes Her Boobies

October 28th, 2008 by LimaBean

I guess after having her nipples show through her shirt, Tina Fey’s left her inhibitions behind and she’s finally embraced her sexual side by celebrating that feeling of freedom through showing off her titties.  And what fine titties they are, too.  She’s done a good job so far of keeping those puppies under wraps, because they never seemed that perky before.  Or maybe her newfound carnal freedom also means embracing some surgical enhancements?  That doesn’t sound like something a brainy babe like Tina would do, but if she’s used to playing many roles on TV, why can’t she play the role of a lusty hottie in real life?

Whether those are natural or enhanced anyway, we’ll still be drooling over the chance to stare at her rack, uncovered and free as the wind.  Betcha she never thought she’d be doing something as wild as this, even during her free-wheeling days in improv school with the Second City troupe.  This kind of improvisation is different from any she’s done on stage before, and her audience isn’t laughing for this one, they’re panting hard as they get ready to bust a nut for herTina Fey nude should be the next thing a horndog fan should check out, and clicking on that link back there is the right place to see something like that!

Tina Fey’s Nipples Showing Through Her Top

October 28th, 2008 by LimaBean

Now this is one pictorial that Tina Fey probably didn’t expect to turn into something so erotic.  There she is, smiling for the cameras in her jeans and long-sleeved white top, and she’s totally oblivious that when the camera flashes, her titties can be seen through the thin fabric of her shirt.  Well, that’s good luck for us, because any image showing Tina Fey’s carnal assets is something to rejoice over.  And wank off to also, of course.  Also, seeing her nipples like that, without her being naked, is also a big turn on.  There’s a kinkiness in making Tina Fey’s breasts visible underneath her normal clothes, like it’s something you could catch on TV one day by accident.

An “Oops” moment like this is usually reserved for younger, hotter paparazzi prey, so for Tina Fey to accidentally get the same treatment is a blessing for your boner.  And so as not to waste that hard-on, check her out on this site for even more erotic images of our fave SNL slut!